What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is care that is provided by specially trained members of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work with family members and patients to provide compassionate care during the end of their life. End of life care may be a few days or 6 months. Hospice care groups provide care when a cure is not possible. They provide additional psychological and physical support to reduce symptoms. They help to alleviate pain and anxiety.  Hospice care may take place in a skilled nursing facility, Residential Care Facility, in the hospital, or while at home. They will work to provide seamless support during transfers to different care locations for those patients that need different levels of care.

How can it help me or my family?

For many patients at the end of their life, we as family members want to contribute to their care, but often don’t know how. We want to ensure dignity, respect, and comfort as much as possible. This is where hospice care comes in. They work to support OUR GOALS for our family members. For patients at the end of their life, who are Medicare or Medi-cal eligible, Medicare or Medi-cal may cover all the costs of hospice care that may include doctors, nurses, social workers and other staff. A six-month certification by the physician is required to meet requirements. But remember it is still the responsibility of the resident to pay for the Residential Care charge. At Oak Hill that is just $3295.00 per month.

Services Provided

When making inquiries regarding specific providers of hospice care you may want to ask about which of these services that they offer. Many hospice care groups may offer grief/bereavement care for family members for a year after their loved one’s death.

Hospice Nursing

Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Care Coordination


Medical Equipment

24 hour phone consultation

Home health aids

After hours emergency visits

Spiritual Support/Chaplains


If you have any questions, please contact Oak Hill Residential @ 760-743-8843